Know Your Galvanized Steel Sheets

know-your-gi In December 2014, UNICOIL launched a Quality Fundamentals Industrial Awareness Campaign that explains the importance of constituent components in galvanized steel products to various agencies including Customers, Traders, and End users, Industrialists, Consultants and Public in general. UNICOIL tested dozens of samples of commercial and imported products available in the market in its own laboratories and also had them tested in several independent laboratories in the kingdom. In line with its commitment to social responsibility, UNICOIL decided to share the test findings with different audiences by utilizing the most appropriate media approaches and tools.

Campaign Audience

The multilingual social media and educational campaigns (in Arabic, English, Urdu, and Tagalog) are addressed to the following groups:
  • Steel traders and steel service centers
  • Industrialists
  • Steel fabricators
  • End users
  • The general public

Campaign Reach-Up Programs

This campaign lasted for 1 year and has been delivered to the public via various diverse media and advertising channels, such as those listed below.


UNICOIL utilizes opportunities during seminars and steel industry conferences both inside and outside the kingdom to present its Quality Fundamentals Awareness Campaign through presentations and exhibitions during these events. Read More


Newspapers are one the most useful media types for disseminating information. UNICOIL actively uses both national and international newspapers to educate the public about the awareness campaign. Read More

Technical Messages & Literature

Campaign flyers are a great tool for communicating the information, since readers can be rapidly provided with direct messages about the campaign. Flyers are distributed by sales representatives during their visits to different fabricators and companies. Read More


UNICOIL sends regular e-newsletters and mobile-phone messages to targeted audiences to keep them up to date with the latest UNICOIL news, products, and business developments, as well as connecting them with the world of the steel industry.

Outlet Roll-Ups

All UNICOIL customers are entitled to promotional roll-up banners for supporting their sales and delivering messages from the awareness campaign to end users. gi-roll-up

FM Radio Campaign

Commercial radio is a very useful tool for delivering the awareness campaign to large targeted audiences. MBC FM and Panorama FM radio stations broadcast awareness messages in Arabic, while YOURFM and ASIANET broadcast these messages in English. radio-stations
Transparent Declaration of Product Components
Know Your Steel Sheets: Product Origin
Know Your Steel Sheets: Lead-Safe Limit
Know Your Steel Sheets: Sheet Thickness and Zinc Mass

Mupi Fuel and Unipole Billboards

UNICOIL has delivered messages about the awareness campaign to large audiences in major regional areas through a wide network of Mupi Fuel as well as via unipole billboards on national highways.

Specialized Periodicals

UNICOIL has advertised in specialist periodicals in the steel industry such as CoilWorld Magazine, Metal Bulletin Magazine, Consumer & Quality Magazine, and Al-Mohandis Magazine. Read More

Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are currently the most widely used social media services, and they together constitute a great medium for delivering messages to a huge audience. UNICOIL utilizes social media by sharing information to educate its subscribers and followers.