PPGI Product Brands & Specifications

Prepainted galvanized steels with brand names of Molawan, ColoRite Standard, ColoRite Premium, and ColoRite FluoroCarbon are manufactured to meet the technical requirements of various industrial applications of prepainted galvanized steel, in terms of flexibility, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, surface hardness, and scratch resistance.

Product Brands

  • molawan-category
  • colorite-category
Our prepainted galvanized products are available in six standard colors (refer to the UNICOIL color chart). Other colors can be chosen from the “Classic RAL Picker,” or you can send in a sample chip to UNICOIL for color matching. UNICOIL has a vast experience in color matching. UNICOIL uses custom-formulated primers consisting of corrosion inhibitors and pretreatment to produce products with enhanced corrosion resistance. A full system of chrome-free products complying with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) requirements are also available.

What are Lead-Free Paints?

UNICOIL strictly uses lead-free paints for manufacturing prepainted galvanized steel products. The upper limit for the concentration of lead in residential paint is 90 ppm (i.e., 90 mg/kg). Paint with lead levels at or below 90 ppm is considered to be lead-free. The use of lead-based pigments negatively affects the durability of painted products and also harms the health of human beings, especially children, and the environment. Although lead-based paints are cheaper, as part of its manufacturing responsibility, UNICOIL uses paints that are free of lead to protect society from its ill effects.


What is the Recommended Minimum Zinc Coating of Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel?

UNICOIL recommends that the zinc coating mass for pre-painted galvanized steel (PPGI) product be a minimum of 90 gsm (grams per square meter) in order to deliver the minimum expected product performance and service life. Applications that are closer to the sea, offshore, or in urban areas will require a heavier zinc coating. The thickness of the steel also significantly affects the product performance and its service life, and should be determined based on the final product end use and the site of installation.


What is PPGI Chrome Free?

Chromium-free pre-painted galvanized steel is an extra eco-friendly product, produced by applying a chemical conversion coating layer and a primer coating layer, both chromium-free, on the surface of the hot-dip zinc coated steel substrate, and then applying a topcoat. Since the topcoat does not contain any chromium even in conventional pre-painted galvanized steel, this new product is completely chromium-free and complies with ROHS regulations. (ROHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive).
Customers with other Special requirements should contact a UNICOIL sales engineer or use the product recommendation form on our website. UNICOIL uses only lead-free paints for all its products.

Innovative Solution

UNICOILs cooperation with BECKERS Group generates extensive research and development for more innovative, technologically and demand-driven products, this includes the installation of a state-of-the-art coating blending system called “BeckryMix” at UNICOIL vicinity in Jubail Industrial City. One of the objectives of this cooperation is to bring Innovative European Technology of coil coatings to Middle East Markets and enhance after sales solutions for the benefit of UNICOIL’s valued customers of pre-painted galvanized steel products.

Who are Beckers?

Beckers, a Swedish group headquartered in Berlin Germany was founded in 1865 in Stockholm. The company is structured into three business segments: Coil Coatings, Industrial Coatings and Consumer Design Finishes; serving customers in over 50 countries from 21 manufacturing sites across the globe of which nine (9) sites are in Asia.
Visit Beckers Website

Pre-Painted Steel Coils

Thickness 0.22*** -1.50 mm
Width 600 – 1250 mm
Coil Inner Diameter 508 mm
Configuration Twin coater (single-pass production)
Capacity 210,000 metric tons per annum
Paints Polyester, PVDF, acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy Paint system
Substrate “Galvanized Steel” as per ASTM /EN/ JIS/ SASO ASTM
Grades CS-A,B,C/ FS- A/B, DQ/ SS-33,37,40,50 & 80
Zinc Coating 60* – 275 GSM
Paint Coating up to 120 µ
Note: For specific dimensions and Coating requirements please contact sales and Marketing.
* Less than 90 GSM zinc coating is only for Export Market
** minimum PPGI thickness for 60 GSM will be available for 0.35mm and above
*** terms and conditions apply
UNICOIL offers additional services beyond metal coating in various steel ranges and colors, thereby expanding the flexibility of its products. UNICOIL has a facility for slitting pre-painted galvanized steel coils into slit widths, and can put strippable film onto pre-painted galvanized steel to avoid scratches during handling.