Roll Forming

The SHINKO pre-painted roll formed sheet (RFS) of UNICOIL has a profile with a rib height of 30 mm and a span width of 1000 mm, thereby meeting the most common requirements of the construction sector of Saudi Arabia. The product is available in lengths ranging from 0.5 m to 12 m and in thicknesses of 0.30–0.80 mm.


Thickness 0.30 – 0.80 mm
Material Pre-painted Galvanized
Material Grade & Specification CQ, LFQ, and SS grades as per ASTM 653 for the steel base
Length Min. 0.50 m – Max. 12 m


UNICOIL provides premium packaging, the first of its kind in the industry, for its roll formed steel sheet products, by first wrapping each bundle with a special UV-resistant plastic sheet, and then further wrapping it in stretched film to ensure protection from dust, exposure to weather, and damage resulting from bundle stacking. Special wooden spacers are provided at predetermined intervals to avoid warping or bending of the sheets during handling and to facilitate the safe stacking of bundles. The quality system at UNICOIL ensures strict adherence to international standards. In recognition of its strict compliance to national and international standards, UNICOIL obtained the SASO Quality Mark Certification in 2014.