The UNICOIL Environment

UNICOIL is committed to developing its internal environment to provide its employees with an atmosphere conducive to growth. UNICOIL invests in maintaining a green and fresh landscape outside its administrative offices and production plant, believing that proximity to nature will keep the minds of its employees fresh.

The fountain and aquarium that are the centerpieces of UNICOIL’S administration building

The centerpiece of the UNICOIL administration building is its fountain and aquarium. These invariably catch the attention of visitors and guests as they enter the building. The rippling, cool water visually and mentally refreshes spirits that may grow tired and weary during a long working day. The walls of the UNICOIL administrative building are adorned with posters of birds indigenous to Saudi Arabia. These posters introduce both passing employees and guests to the avian wonders and beautiful wildlife of Saudi Arabia.

Posters of birds indigenous to Jubail, Saudi Arabia adorn the walls of UNICOIL’s administration offices.

Posters of quotes from great people of the world are conspicuously displayed throughout UNICOIL buildings. These quotes inspire the spirit, give courage to the heart, and enlighten the mind, and most importantly they give a sense of perspective about how great things can be achieved from simple concepts.

Inspirational quotes from great people are displayed prominently throughout company buildings.

UNICOIL provides a cafeteria for its employees and guests. The cleanliness of the cafeteria physical setting and the quality of the food served are testaments to the commitment of UNICOIL to sanitation and employee health. Sets of flags representing the nationalities of all the people who have worked with UNICOIL since its inception are displayed on top of each table inside the cafeteria. The flags are a demonstration of UNICOIL’s emphasis on multicultural diversity.

UNICOIL’s canteen provides good food and clean facilities.

All of UNICOIL’s activities are performed within a cycle of excellence and recognition. But not everything is work at UNICOIL. There are light times for fun and recreation to relieve stress, provide a venue to recharge, and strengthen camaraderie. Employees have access to table games and indoor sports during lunch breaks and after office hours.

UNICOIL provides its employees with venues for fun and relaxation during breaks.

UNICOIL is proactive in taking care of its external environment, and believes that achieving this requires an internal environment capable of nurturing its employees in both the short and long term.
UNICOIL has an international standard in-house beach-style sandy Volleyball court, offering a way to keep its employees fit and healthy after a long day of workload. It helps strengthening the relation among employees also it is equipped with lights – allowing the fun to continue into the night.
Gym Facility in UNICOIL has latest equipment for its employees to exercise and maintain fitness.
UNICOIL employees can enjoy the gym facility during daytime as per the following schedule:
Morning 5:00 AM – 6:45 AM
Noon 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM
Afternoon 4:00 AM – 7:00 PM
This is UNICOIL, and this is our commitment as well as our reality.