Training & Development

At UNICOIL, employee development through training is always at the top of the agenda.

Technical Skills Development

UNICOIL ensures that its workforce has the competencies to meet the ever-changing demands of a fluid market. From the first day of work, the employee is introduced to the “UNICOIL way” through a comprehensive orientation program. All throughout his career, an employee will have theory-based and applied skills training focusing on the technical competencies necessary in specific departments. Saudi trainees undergo on-the-job training running for 6–18 months, and upon passing an examination at completion, the trainee is integrated into the regular workforce. UNICOIL regularly sends employees, particularly Saudis, who have been identified as high value, high potential, and high performance to local and international seminars to update their skills and keep them abreast of the latest developments in their fields. Experts are also brought in to give in-house training session on various topics to employees. In coordination with its industry partners and suppliers, the technical skills required to operate specific types of equipment are developed.

Social Awareness Development

UNICOIL gears its employees toward social awareness and giving them the skills to adequately address their social responsibilities. UNICOIL believes that the best way to address social issues is to prepare its employees properly through training. UNICOIL’s social awareness development program focuses on ethics, life improvement, and coping with day-to-day emergencies
  1. Code of Business Ethics
    Training in the code of ethics is mandatory for all employees. This is designed to instill generally accepted concepts of personal honor in an employee that will guide him in both corporate and personal life. Mandatory refresher courses are also being conducted on this topic on a yearly basis.
  2. Fire Fighting and Emergency Evacuation
    Each department nominates employees from among its ranks to attend fire fighting and emergency evacuation training. The objective is to equip employees with the skills and instincts for them to react positively in times of emergencies. This is recurring training conducted by the Safety Department of the company, which aims at each employee eventually completing the program.
  3. First Aid, CPR, and Life Support
    The training is geared toward giving employees the skills necessary to address emergency life-threatening situations if they arise. Its initial program was conducted by an external professional speaker, and recurring programs are run by the Safety Department so that all employees are able to complete the program.
  4. Towards a Better Life
    These training sessions are designed to improve an employee’s personal life. Two training sessions have been conducted for this program: (1) drug-awareness training performed in conjunction with government agencies and (2) internal training in which employee speakers share their experiences about achieving a successful work–life balance.

E-Learning Center

At the forefront of all of UNICOIL training is its state-of-the-art E-Learning Center, which is strategically located inside its administration offices. The E-Learning Center hosts most of the internal training programs of the company. It is an interactive training center equipped with Apple computers for the trainees to use.

UNICOIL has invested in a modern E-Learning Center

Each training session is controlled by a trainer from the master computer, from where he can impart lectures and presentations. The E-Learning Center, as with all other learning centers, is continually evolving in the quest to provide employees with the best possible training venue and the most conducive learning atmosphere.