PPGI Product Packaging

Pre-painted Steel Coils


Special Features of Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Packaging

  • Edges protected with cardboard edge protectors
  • UV-resistant tubular plastic wrapping
  • Stretch-film tight wrapping
  • Steel outer ring
  • Vertical packing (“eye to the sky”)
  • Sturdy wooden pallets
  • Product label with all relevant information

Additional Special Features of Seaworthy Packaging

  • Additional cardboard wrapping
  • Outer steel sheet jacket
  • Fumigated and bolted wooden pallets

Pre-painted Steel Slitted Coils

Pre-painted steel slitted coils are packed vertically (“eye to the sky,” on pallets). Each slitted coil is separated by wooden spacers for ease of handling, and each such separated set of slitted coils is enveloped by a VCI (vapor-corrosion-inhibitor) paper and placed on a strong wooden pallet. A steel outer ring is put around the set of slitted coils, and the entire set of slitted coils is tightly strapped to strong wooden pallets to ensure protection from damage during handling and storage.