Colorite Premium

Colorite Premium

ColoRite Premium was Developed to Provide a Durable Material for Exterior Applications with Very Good Weatherability and Good Formability.


Substrate : ASTM A653/A653M
Paint Coating : ASTM A755/755M
* Technical terms and conditions will be applied

ColoRite Premium is a Paint system comprising hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with a minimum Zinc coating mass of 275 gsm (G90) that is painted on and oven cured with premium polyester in combination with a custom-formulated primer. This produces a normal paint dry film thickness of 25 microns on the top surface (inclusive of Primer) and 10 microns on the bottom (inclusive of primer). ColoRite Premium was developed to provide a durable material for exterior applications with very good weatherability and good formability.


Galvanized steel, minimum G90(275 GSM). Grade CS Type A&B, FS Type A & B , SS 33, SS40 , SS50.

Typical Uses

Roofing and Walling, Sandwich Panels, Garage Doors, K-Span, Cold Rooms, etc.

Dimensions: (For normal supply products)

Thickness* (mm) Width** (mm)
From 0.45 to 1.20 From 50 to 1320
* For grade SS50, minimum thickness is 0.50 mm
** For width less than 1000 mm are supplied with slit edge For specific dimensions please contact Sales and Marketing Dept.
Pretreatment Corrosion resistance proprietary conversion coating.
Primer Coat Universal Corrosion inhibitive Primer Nominal thickness- 5microns each side
Finish Coat Custom formulated system. Nominal thickness-20 microns on the top or weather side. The finish coat is available on all RAL standard colours and other colours may be available on request.
Backing Coat Custom formulated Backer-5-7 microns Special backer suitable for foam application can also be provided Back coat can be in the same top coat color and DFT as required
Gloss (60˚) Nominal 30 -35% Other gloss levels may be available on request

Guaranteed Paint Properties

Test Test Method Description Results
Hardness (Pencil) ASTM D 3363 Pencil F or harder
Adhesion -T bend ASTM D 4145 T-bend 3T or less (No Pickoff)
Flexibility ASTM D 4145 T-bend 3T or less (no cracking)
Adhesion – Reverse impact ASTM D 2794 Reverse impact > 10 joules
Cross Hatch ASTM D 3359 Cross hatch > No paint removal
Gloss 60˚ (%) ASTM D 523 Gloss 30-35
Color Difference ASTM D2244
Light colors Δ E – ≤1.0
Medium Colors Δ E – ≤ 1.5
Dark Colors Δ E – ≤2.0 / Visual match
Metallics Visual match

Expected Product Service Performance

Property Test Method Description Results
Resistance to UV (QUV-A) ASTM G53 Exposure Hours 1500 Hrs
ASTM D2244 Color Change DE Hunterlab – Light color ≤4 Int.Color ≤6 Dark color ≤8
ASTM D4214 Chalking ASTM Rating 4 – 2
ASTM D523 % Gloss Retention ≥ 40
Natural well washed exposure ASTM G7 Exposure Hours 7 Yrs
ASTM D2244 Color Change (Non Vertical) DE Hunterlab – Light color ≤6 Int.Color ≤9 Dark color ≤12
ASTM D4214 Chalking ASTM Rating 4 – 2
ASTM D523 % Gloss Retention ≥ 30
Resistance to corrosion (Salt Spray) ASTM B117 Exposure Hours 1000 Hrs
ASTM D714 & ASTM D1654 Blister Density, Size & Corrosion Creep Blister density- Few, Blister size rating ≥8 Undercut from scribe ≤2mm
Resistance to humidity at 38± 1°C ASTM D 2247 Exposure Hours 1000 Hrs
ASTM D714 Blister Density & Size Blister density- Few, Blister size rating ≥8
Resistance to Abrasion ASTM D 968 Falling sand test
ASTM D 4060 Taber abraser 1000g CS10 wheels
ISO 1518 Scratch ≥ 2000gms
Resistane to Heat (ECCA T13) ASTM D2244 90°C – 700 hours or 60°C – 1000 Hours ΔE ≤ 5 , ΔGloss ≤ 7%
Resistance to Fire BS 476 Part 7 Fire rating Class M1