November 21-24, 2016 | World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

UNICOIL Participated at The Big 5 Show in Dubai-United Arab Emirates this Year in Continuation of its Activities Towards Increasing its Market Share in the GCC Region as well as Introducing New Products of MOGALVIN Anti-Bacterial Galvanized Steel Sheets, Molawan Anti-Bacterial, Molawan Thermo-Cool (Designed to Lower the Surface Temperature of Buildings when used for Roofing/Wall Applications and Provides Thermal Comfort and Energy Savings), Colorite SMP (Silicon Modified Polyester Developed for Residential, Agricultural and Commercial Construction Industrial Segments to Provide Durability, Stain Resistance, Abrasion Resistance), Colorite HDP (Pre-Painted Steel Sheets Developed with Versatile High Durable Polyester System Providing Excellent Flexibility and UV Resistance Suitable for Aggressive Environments), Colorite Hi-Build (That Provides a Durable Material for Exterior Applications with Good Formability, Good Chemical Resistance and Corrosion Resistance, Suitable for Highly Aggressive (C4 & C5) Environment Condition), Molawan Abrasion Resist (a Pre-Painted Steel Developed for Applications Under Frequent Abrasion)